"The Greatest Show on Grass" is about to get bigger.

The Waste Management Open is the most-attended golf tournament in the world, and with 655,434 people attending this year's tournament, 2017 set a new record.

Part of that popularity may be attributed the world-famous 16th hole, which has become a bucket list item worldwide for its fun, rowdy atmosphere.

"Sixteen is loud," said Carlos Sugich, the tournament chairman. "It's the only stadium on the PGA tour. In fact, it's the only time when a professional player can experience what it feels like to play in a stadium."

Over the years, the signature hole has grown so much, there's no room left to expand it.

"I don't think it can get any bigger than it is," Sugich said. "I don't think we have more space, unfortunately, so we're moving toward 17."

Which means the 17th hole is going to be bigger in 2018.

A new venue called "The Cove" -- similar to the Bay Club at hole 16 -- will house skyboxes, two lounge bars and a game area.

Bleachers with room for 600 people will add to the energy, but don't expect second 16th hole.

"It's our signature hole, and we're not trying to replicate it at 17," said Sugich.

Instead, 17 is mean to be an oasis from the craziness at 16. The Cove is meant to have a more relaxing environment.

With all these big changes, what else can we expect in the future? Sugich says the sky is the limit.

"As you can see, we have plenty of space. Right now, we are basically on three holes: We have 16, 17 and 18. But the golf course has 18 holes, so we can keep growing for sure."