Missing Phoenix because you're either A) on vacation or B) not even daring to walk outside because it's hot enough to melt streets signs? (OK, not really).

Well, thanks to the City of Phoenix's new PHXCityCam live stream program, you can see the city we all love from the comfort of the (hopefully) air-conditioned room your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet is in.

The program was designed with safety in mind. According to the city, emergency management officials will use the cameras to track storms during monsoon to ensure residents are prepared.

"Our duty officers work 24/7 to anticipate storms to ensure the city is prepared to protect residents," Lisa Jones, director of Phoenix's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said in a release. "We also plan to use this as an opportunity to let residents know how to stay safe in the monsoon and how to prepare their homes before the storm."

The camera offer breathtaking views of the city in all directions from the top of Phoenix City Hall.

"Not only will they give a view of storm activity," a city spokesperson said, "they also capture our beautiful Phoenix sunrises and sunsets, and can give a quick glance of what's happening downtown at any hour of the day."

Images from the cameras will be featured on the city's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the "cooler" views of Phoenix from wherever you are.

Cameras can be viewed here.