Soccer fans know that a good announcer is part of the soccer game experience. They are the master of ceremonies, delivering descriptive play-by-play commentaries. They have to consider that fans tune in on multiple digital platforms and at various times throughout the game.

Phoenix's Samuel Sandoval hopes to become the winner of “Juglares de Gol,” a reality show that will crown a new announcer for Chivas TV. For Sandoval, it’s an opportunity to refine his craft.

After submitting his video, Sandoval went down to Tijuana, Mexico to participate in the casting.

“There were a lot of people there, and I was just lucky enough to be a finalist,” Sandoval said.

Combining his passion for soccer and being a play-by-play commentator would give him the best of both worlds. He’s been working at this trade for some time. He’s had opportunities to do play-by-play announcing for professional sports in the Phoenix area but soccer is his first passion.

As one of the eight finalists on the reality TV show, the opportunity could mean a big change for his family.

"Fortunately, I have the support of my wife and family," Sandoval said. "They know how important this is to me."

Regardless of the outcome, he isn’t giving up on his ultimate "gol."

“People have to follow their dreams, no matter what,” he said.