PHOENIX - A Phoenix man is facing charges after trying to sell top secret satellite tracking information to a Mexican cartel for $2 million, according to court documents released by the FBI.

Robert Jeremy Miller, a former senior projects management specialist at Honeywell, is accused of trying to sell information that would allow outsiders to track government and military vehicles, aircraft and marine craft.

Undercover FBI agents arrested Miller on Friday.

Miller was fired in February, but still had access to the company's network.

“When he was fired they deleted his credentials, but they didn’t know that he created a backdoor and with that backdoor he had access to get access to information that he was going to sell," said Jon Haass, department chair and associate professor of cyber security and intelligence at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

A tipster alerted the company on July 23 saying he found out Miller wanted to sell information to the black market.

That's when the FBI stepped in. The FBI sent out undercover agents to pose as potential buyers. When they met with Miller, he demonstrated how to locate different aircraft and vehicles from his computer. Miller was then arrested.

Miller is facing federal charges of computer fraud.

“Every company, every organization is being attacked. Most of those are not successful, but the average time to know you’ve been breached is over 45 days,” Haass said.

That's enough time to do serious harm, and cyber crime is big business.

“Last year, the economy on the black market for cyber crimes was $500 billion,” Haass said.