PHOENIX - Most Friday and Saturday nights, you’ll find Phoenix magician Chris Rose performing for tables of fine diners.

But Rose pulled off a trick that made two of the kings of magic sit up and take notice.

Magicians Penn and Teller challenged Rose to fool them. And guess what – he did.

“Never in a million years did I actually expect to fool them. Came as a really big shock,” Rose said.

Ever since Rose was a kid, he’s been doing magic.

“I’ve been doing this as my sole profession since 1997,” he said.

He knows all kinds of tricks and routines.

“With what I have on me right now, I can perform for two hours straight and not repeat anything,” he said.

Every time Rose performs, his goal is to spark interest in all things magic.

“They may not remember my name, but they do remember the experience,” he said.

And fortunately for Rose, producers for a TV show featuring the best magicians from around the country did remember the name.

“They had heard that there was another magician by the name of Chris Rose, and so they looked me up. They apparently liked what they saw and reached out,” he said.

In a moment of sheer serendipity, all the cards in Rose’s hand turned to aces. He was going to get his shot on Penn and Teller’s "Fool Us.”

Rose said the magnitude of the situation hit him about the time he was introduced.

“I took the time to look around the audience, and then I saw Penn and Teller. And I just kept going, because I was like, ‘Oh no, don’t look at them,’” he said.

In no time, though, the professional entertainer was plenty warmed up.

Rose had perfected a trick that involved eating an Oreo cookie, followed by drinking a cold glass of milk, and then magically making them reappear – oh yeah, with Teller standing right next to him.

“OK, this guy’s watching every single move I make. Not something that I’m used to,” Rose said.

The guys went back and forth trying to figure out how he did it, but in the end, Penn Jillette could only say, “OK, then you fooled us, man!”

And it was no easy feat. Out of 52 acts that were part of this season’s “Fool Us” show, Rose was one of only 11 to earn the title “Fooler.”