PHOENIX - As the Midwest and Northeast brace for a massive winter storm, winter is (almost) officially over in the Valley and the conversations have already started: It's hot!

Phoenix hit 90 degrees for the first time in 2017 around 2:20 p.m. on Monday.

And that was just the start to what should be a very warm week for Valley residents with potentially record-breaking temperatures.

The National Weather Service says high temps will stay well-above seasonal norms with the highs extending from the upper 80s to the upper 90s each day.

For the folks in Flagstaff, NWS says spring-like weather has arrived and will last for the next week, at least.

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The Valley could break records on three separate days this week. Monday with a record of 92 set back in 1972, Wednesday's record is also 92 set in 2013 and then Saturday -- which NWS says all signs point to being the warmest day -- could break the record of 94 set in 2007.

Some overnight temperatures could also come close to record warm lows.

It's safe to say, at least in the Valley: RIP winter.