PHOENIX - Julie Stockwell is scheduled to leave the Valley and fly to Haiti in just 12 days and hopes her trip, that's been months in the making, will still happen despite the destruction of Hurricane Matthew.

"In the last week, as our team has talked -- there’s 10 of us going -- they’re saying, 'Please tell us we’re going, Julie; we know there’s more work than ever to do,'" she said. "So no one is backing down despite what there might be."

Stockwell is a partner in the Grow Incorporated organization and was moved to get involved with Chances 4 Children after the catastrophic earthquake that struck six years ago.

"We were in Haiti in June about five months after the earthquake and it looked like it happened the day before," she said. "They were just coming to terms with it. Buildings were leveled."

She has made six trips to Haiti with the organization, which focuses on helping orphans in the country. The group was prepared for a possible hurricane, but was hoping the country wouldn't have to deal with another natural disaster.

The group is waiting on the status of the airport to determine whether their trip will still happen. If you would like to donate to the group, you can visit their website: