Cliff had a ruff morning.

The 4-month old black Labrador retriever got his head stuck in a hole in his backyard fence.

Fortunately for Cliff, his buddy Charlie is a quick thinker.

"He got stuck in that little hole over there and little Charlie let us know his friend was missing," his human Veronica Provetta said.

After Charlie alerted her that something was wrong, Provetta went searching for Cliff and found him stuck. She enlisted the help of another person in the house and ran to the front of the house to work another angle and give Cliff some support.

"I started running and I saw him like he had given up. He wasn't even trying so I got scared," Provetta said. "We tried to save him and then I noticed that he was breathing very heavily. That's when we called the fire department."

Phoenix firefighters tried to bust part of the brick wall with the wrench and rub olive oil on Cliff to slide his head out. Eventually, it took both those measures plus a hammer and crow bar to break the brick and free Cliff.

For anyone getting a puppy this holiday season, Provetta has a message:

"Just keep an eye out for them and don't leave them alone," she said, "'cause you cannot trust them."

We're just happy Cliff is safe and happy!