It all happened so fast.

“It was tough. Really, really tough,” said Mike Dyer.

One day Dyer, says his dog Carley was happy and healthy and the next day.

“She was really lethargic, laying down,” Dyer told 12 News, “ice cold and no body temperature so we ran her to the vet that evening.”

The family, who lives near 7th Street and Bethany Home Road in Phoenix, soon learned 8-month-old Carley, one of the family's two corgis, was in shock.

“That evening she went completely into kidney failure and we had to put her down,” Dyer said.

The family was devastated.

If Dyer thought that was the end of his heartbreak, he was wrong.

Two weeks later, 11-month-old Sparky, the family's other corgi, also got sick.

“I laid him on the bed and pretty soon his eyes started rolling back in his head,” said Dyer. “We ran him to the hospital and he was in total kidney failure.”

Two weeks after Carley, Sparky was also put down.

Grieving and in shock, the family tried to figure out what could have killed their dogs.

“We thought maybe they’d gotten into something in the house,” Dyer said.

But an autopsy revealed, Sparky had suffered internal bleeding and four doctors that pointed to something much more sinister.

“They told us at the time, it was probably antifreeze poisoning,” Dyer said.

Sparky had been poisoned and it was becoming even more clear that Carley was too.

“They were the two things that kept us all together when we first moved out here,” said Dyer about he and his wife, who’ve lived in Phoenix for less than a year, “and it was tough. It was tough, it was hard.”

Dyer decided to put up flyers around his neighborhood alerting neighbors to a possible pet killer in the area.

“We put up the signs more, as a way to cope and grieve a little bit,” said Dyer. “And two people came forward and said the exact same symptoms happened to their dogs and one of those dogs passed away as well."

Dyer now hopes more than ever to warn the community, with the intention of keeping other beloved pets from suffering the same painful fate.