PHOENIX - One year ago, a gunman took the lives of 49 innocent people in Orlando, Florida, sending a ripple of horror and terror through the LGBTQ community.

Aftershocks of fear hit all over.

"It made us realize that we are all vulnerable," said Joshua Sipe, who holds the title, Miss Gay Queen of the Desert America, "and it was a group of people enjoying their lives and just living themselves."

Sipe wanted the anniversary to have meaning here in the Valley, so he began organizing an event for the one-year remembrance.

For his 10 p.m. show Monday night at Charlie’s Phoenix, he and several other performers will come together to honor the victims and raise money for Mulligan's Manor, a non-profit group home dedicated to help at-risk LGBTQ children aged 12-17 years old.

"We’re not only remembering the lives that we lost, but we’re celebrating the lives of our future," Sipes said.