PHOENIX - People in one Phoenix neighborhood are living in fear as they say ICE agents have been making frequent visits to the Aire Libre Apartments near 31st Street and Bell Road.

One man who identified himself as “Cristian” and did not want to disclose his last name says he was stopped, questioned and detained by the federal agents on Oct. 22 as he was walking back home from the store. He showed 12 News the ankle bracelet he now has to wear.

Another woman who would not speak on camera out of fear showed the ankle bracelet she also has to wear. She said ICE agents stopped her and her husband as they were leaving the Aire Libre Apartments on Oct. 24.

On Oct. 26, Alexic Diaz Conde says he quickly hid with his kids in his apartment at the same location after seeing agents knocking on his neighbor’s door during early-morning hours.

Diaz Conde said he’s not scared of getting deported, but instead, he’s scared of what will happen to his kids if he gets detained.

ICE would not comment on these specific cases or the reported presence of agents at the Aire Libre Apartments. However, a spokesperson said agents are out every day enforcing immigration laws and that they have target arrests and do not engage in indiscriminate sweeps or raids.

Families of those still in ICE custody from last week’s arrests are now raising money to help with legal costs.