PHOENIX - A 9-year-old boy escaped a vicious house fire thanks to valuable lesson he, and so many others, have learned in school.

Caleb Parker was home alone doing his homework when he says he heard a noise coming from his garage. Before he knew it, smoke was filling up his home.

“I opened up the door, checked what was happening. I seen fire, so I just closed it, got my dog, tucked and rolled to the front door and got out safely,” said the little boy.

He stopped, dropped and rolled. His mom, Camille Parker, says they taught him to lay low when there’s smoke because it rises.

That’s exactly what fire officials want you to do.

“An easy way for kids to remember, if they have clothing on fire, not to run, but to stop instead, to drop to the ground and roll back and forth so they can put out the fire,” said Jake Van Hook with Phoenix Fire Department.

Caleb wasn’t injured and with help from a neighbor, he was able to go back and save his second dog. His mom is not only relieved he’s OK, but more proud of him than ever. She immediately rushed over to the scene after getting a call from a neighbor about the fire.

“He did everything he was supposed to, so that’s the biggest part,” said Camille.