PEORIA, Ariz.- A few months ago, our 12 News Facebook team posted “shoutouts” for spectacular teachers.

To our surprise, we were bombarded with amazing results of so many great educators in our state. Mrs. Proctor, was one of three teachers nominated from Paseo Verde Elementary School.

She has been teaching for 15 years, 13 of those at Paseo Verde.

“I am a grandmother of 17 grandkids, and I love having them all at my house…at once,” she tells us.

From the moment we got to her class, we could see the love that this teacher has not only for her career, but for those children that come into her class on a daily basis.

“I love the kids, you have to love your job to be a teacher, but you must also love the children, and seeing their eyes light up after they learn how to read is the reason I teach,” says Mrs. Proctor.

She started her career after raising her own children, she thinks her children would have wished she stayed home full time, but her passion was her calling, and she’s been teaching ever since.

We asked her some important questions about what it takes to come to work day in and day out, her response was that of a particular student that was so excited when he was finally able to read.

“He looked at me and with so much excitement the child said, ‘Mrs. Proctor, I can read what it says!’” with tears in her eyes she said, “you do it for the children.”

Maybe that’s why the children still remember her after all these years and nominate her as an A+ TEACHER!