PEORIA, Ariz. - Peoria police have determined that reports of a girl being touched inappropriately at Pioneer Park are false.

The initial reports of a possible predator in the area caused Cheyenne Elementary School to send out a letter alerting parents. There were also increased police patrols around the school Wednesday morning.

After conducting an investigation, authorities say no crime occurred in the neighborhood near Cactus Road and 83rd Avenue.

According to police, a 13-year-old female student missed the school bus Monday morning, hopping a fence into a park near her school. She was approached by a man, police said, while she was sitting on a park bench.

The man, according to police, wished her a good morning and said he was going to exercise. He patted her on the knee as he left the bench.

Police said the girl asked the 83-year-old man for money -- the man told her he didn't have any. The man returned to the bench with the girl after his exercises where, the girl told police, he again touched her leg.

The girl left to talk to a nearby male high school student, presumably about her exchange with the man. That student called his dad who instructed him to call the police. The girl left and was not aware that the police were being called, Peoria PD said.

According to police, the girl said she had no interest in calling them. She explained what happened.

Police also talked to the man who confirmed he met the girl Monday morning.

According to police, the man is well-known in the area and has lived there for over a decade.

Police said the investigation is over.