PEORIA, Ariz.- A Central Arizona Project employee was stung several hundred times by a swarm of bees near near Lake Pleasant and Arizona State Route 303 Wednesday morning,

Peoria Fire Department responded to the call shortly after 9 a.m. The man was flown to the hospital by helicopter. According to Peoria fire, the patient was awake and alert.

According to Peoria fire, the employee was removing an abandoned couch underneath the underpass at the 303 and Lake Pleasant Parkway and the swarm of bees was nesting inside the couch.

CAP Spokesperson Crystal Thompson said the swarm was too quick and the employee could not escape.

The man attempted to flee and ran nearly a quarter mile before lying down on the ground, the fire department said.

Bees are among some of the most dangerous insects to watch out for this summer, according to Reader's Digest.

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