PHOENIX - Arizona is the newest member of the "battleground state" club this presidential cycle, with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump neck and neck in the polls.

Donald Trump visited Arizona for the second time this month, holding a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center.

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One unknown woman was so overcome by emotion that she was photographed weeping in photos from the rally. She wore a Trump t-shirt and held a sign saying "Women for Trump."

PHOTOS: Woman weeps at Trump rally

@MaryAEmert on Twitter said "I believe she sees hope for her children and grandchildren's future, vote Trump!"

Tessa was upset by the photo.

ExplorableDeplorable said it was a pattern of corruption.

Susie was less than impressed.

"Oregon Coast 4 Trump" tweeted, "Fabulous event and excited crowd. Trump was terrific!"

Annie tweeted this: "I get what she's going through. I also sometimes weep when I think about the fact that Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee."

What do you think her back story is? Do you relate or are you dismayed? Let us know.