Scottsdale, Ariz. - Flying from Minnesota to Phoenix never gets easier for the Feldman family, but they make the trip every month.

Though much warmer than their hometown, this isn't a vacation. The trip serves two purposes.

"One is to keep her legacy alive and the other is to find this murderer," Harley Feldman, Allison's dad, said.

It's been almost three years since their daughter, Allison, was murdered in her Scottsdale home. Detectives have taken on many new cases over the last few years, but this one is not going away.

"It isn't a cold case, obviously there are less leads coming in, but there are other things keeping this case alive," Feldman said.

The couple meets with Scottsdale police once a month to discuss any new leads or information in the case. Detectives have collected hundreds of pieces of evidence from the crime scene, including DNA from what they believe to be the killer. Still, no suspects.

"The hardest part is not having this guy found yet, he's out there free and she is not," Feldman said.

Not only do Allison's mother and father come to the Valley monthly, they actually stay in her home. This is the second part of their mission.

"We've planted these bouganvilleas all around the backyard for her. That's what she liked," Feldman said while staring into the backyard.

Living and sleeping in the home where their daughter was murdered may be tough for some people, but they wouldn't consider staying anywhere else.

"We feel closer to her here," Feldman said.

Dozens of trips to meet with police, and Feldman said he still learns new information which gives the family hope -- hope they can bring closure to a nearly 3-year-old case that will never go away in their minds.