PHOENIX - The parents of Brad Moore, who stole a truck and was killed in a high-speed chase earlier this year, filed a notice of claim Monday, seeking $4.3 million from the state of Arizona and the town of Gilbert.

The chase happened on Jan. 24, 2017, reaching speeds of up to 90 miles per hour and was broadcast on television and streamed on the internet. It ended when Brad Moore -- a veteran who was being treated for PTSD -- crashed the stolen truck through a guardrail and plunged 400 feet into a canyon and died.

"We just felt that it was him. So we turned into the news," said Brad's father, Larry Moore.

"We watched the whole thing from our home. We watched it to the end," said Brad's mother, Kimberley Moore.

Six months after the chase and crash, the Moore's filed a notice of claim, which comes before any lawsuit against the Arizona government, seeking $4.3 million from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the town of Gilbert.

"We don't have a bone to pick with anybody, we just want the truth to come out," said Larry Moore.

The chase started when DPS's second in command, Lt. Col. Heston Silbert -- who was off-duty in a black unmarked pickup truck -- saw Moore steal a work truck and followed him across the Valley.

Radio traffic advised Lt. Col. Silbert to back off the pursuit. But at first, he didn't.

DPS conducted its own internal review of the chase. While it said the chase strayed from DPS policies, it concluded, most of its employees' actions were reasonable. However, Moore's parents and their attorney Jason Lamm, disagree -- particularly with the lieutenant colonel's actions.

"It was as though he was going after Brad like a wounded animal," Lamm said. "There was nothing that was going to make him (Lt. Col. Silbert) stop until he got what he wanted and that is what cost Brad his life."

"We feel like it shouldn't have ended the way it did," Kimberley Moore said.

Brad Moore's parents don't know what possessed their son to steal a truck on that day in January, but now they want to know why the chase ended in a deadly crash that cost their son his life.

12 News reached out to both the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the town of Gilbert about the notice of claim. Both declined to comment.