GLOBE, Ariz. - Two years before Arizona became a state, the 1910 Gila County Sheriff’s Office and Jail opened.

The rustic building may have stopped incarcerating prisoners in 1981, but some say today spirits still live behind these bars.

"Wait until it’s completely dark out here," said Jamie Veik with Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS), "and we can only see through night vision."

The PAPS team tours the jail at dusk, waiting for full darkness, as the light weakens and the gridded silhouettes from the jail bars disappear.

The investigation begins and the team splits up. Every member wears a tape recorder.

"This is where the bullet came through here," said Rod Frank, the founder of PAPS, "and killed the person in this cell."

Some of the paranormal investigators hold sensors that detect a change in electromagnetic fields believed to indicate paranormal presence.

One of the active areas is a common room on the second floor. The team sits on the skeletal beds in cells that once housed prisoners and asks questions into the darkness, hoping the tape recorders pick up whispered sounds.

"Most of the evidence we get are EVPs," said Veik, "or electronic voice phenomena, which is captured through our audio recordings. You don’t really hear it at the time, so when we go review all of the evidence, we can hear some whispering and kind of talking."

Each member spends hours after an investigation carefully listening to the recordings.

Trying to capture supernatural activity is their passion.

"I’ve always believed there is something going on," said Veik, "something outside of our day to day life. The spirit world has always been fascinating to me. And there’s more proof to me that something out there exists than the other way around."

To see the adventure, watch the clip above.