Canals can be extremely dangerous to anyone who falls in, and on this particular day it was Sparky the dog who needed rescue.

A nice day for a walk took a wrong turn when Sparky chased ducks and accidentally fell into a Mesa canal.

"I tried calling him and I thought he was washed down," Sparky’s owner John Tenaglia said.

Recently released body camera footage shows Mesa police officer Robert Goodrich spring into action to save Sparky.

READ: Dog named Sparky rescued from canal by Mesa police officer

"Saw the call holding and I have a soft spot for dogs as most of us I'm sure do," Goodrich said.

Thinking fast, officer Goodrich grabbed gear from his cruiser and assessed the situation.

"Slippery, and the last thing you want to do is fall in -- weighted down with gear,” Goodrich said.

He quickly realizes Sparky is not easy to reach from the banks.

"It's ok, stay there. Come here," Goodrich can be heard saying to Sparky in the footage.

Using a snare he was able to pull a shaken Sparky to safety

“Here you go, sit, sit, sit. It's OK," Goodrich said to a now-rescued Sparky in the footage.

"He has dogs also and I'm sure that he would feel the appreciation that I feel for him,” Tenaglia said.

The rescue will always be a special one for officer Goodrich

"It's one of the calls I'll remember from my career and be proud of that tiny action I did," he said.

And Sparky is doing just fine after his scary encounter with the canal.