Another Arizona athlete, who captured our hearts a year ago, is back in the Valley celebrating something she has come to know and love -- the Olympic Spirit.

Lyndsey Fry, Chandler's Silver Medal Olympian in Women's Ice Hockey, took to the ice Friday to celebrate a worldwide holiday. The annual Olympic Day.

From Salt Lake to Sochi, her Olympic journey was long; and now, thankfully, leads her right back here to home ice.

The newly minted Harvard graduate is having a ball today, but the Silver medalist takes her role as an Olympian just as seriously now, as she did a year ago following the Games. Before a group of Chandler Summer campers Fry shared her Olympic Day message of perseverance that she learned to accomplish her dreams.

"If you love something else, whether it be a sport or anything; I advise you guys to pursue it."

Her Olympic journey, Fry said, will continue here where she plans on helping the next generation of athletes pick up the torch and find their dreams.

"Success is really in the journey, and if you love something, go for it. Because, at the end of the day, if you put your whole heart and mind into something, then you're gonna feel good no matter what you end up with."