PHOENIX - You know how they say you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet? Here's why.

A post going around Facebook Wednesday says Salt River Tubing is closed due to a mountain lion attack. This is not true.

Salt River Tubing is still open for business until September.

In fact, clicking on the link in that post takes you to a page that says “You Got Owned,” with a picture of a clown.

The fake post became so widespread that Salt River Tubing had to issue a statement:

Good Afternoon Tubers! We've had some calls as well as some questions regarding a fake post that's circulating around facebook saying we're closed indefinitely. Just so everyone knows, that post is 100% fake, we are definitely open and will be open until the end of September, and if you click on the post itself it actually takes you to a page that says it's a joke. So no worries, we're open, come out and see us!