PHOENIX - Thousands of people are expected to flood into Steele Indian School Park for the first-ever Lost Lake Festival. Chance the Rapper, The Killers and Major Lazer are coming to Phoenix this weekend as the headlining acts. The three-day event features music, food, games and art.

Event organizers are on high alert after the recent tragedies in our country and are working hard to keep everyone safe.

“We spend a lot of time working with law enforcement, and we feel really confident that we will have a safe and secure event,” said Rick Farman, festival co-founder.

After the shooting in Las Vegas, the worry is not only the perimeter but also surrounding buildings.

“Security is our number one priority when we produce any event, and we have a multi-layered security plan,” said Farman.

The festival's parent company, Superfly, released this statement:

"We have strengthened our security protocols through both concealed and visible measures at the festival entrances, inside the festival grounds and around the perimeter of Steele Indian School Park. Patrons should be prepared for bag searches, pat downs and metal detectors at the festival entrance points throughout the weekend."

With any event that draws thousands of people, local law enforcement urges spectators to report any suspicious activity immediately.

The party must go on though, and everyone is ready for a good time.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU GO: A guide to the Lost Lake Festival

“It’s the combination of music, games, art and food, and when you put all of that together, that’s Lost Lake,” said Kirk Strawn, founder of Walter Productions.

The festival features three stages and 45 music acts from around the country.

“We have great rock bands like The Killers and the Pixies to hip-hop and electronic music and on down to amazing local Arizona bands,” said Kerry Black, festival co-founder.

Enjoy plenty of drinks at the Brewpark and Nectar Of The Gods along with The Phoenix Flavors section, which will feature more than 25 local restaurants and food trucks.

“We are going to have over 70 different dishes from a variety of restaurants. It will be delicious for even vegetarians and gluten free, great stuff to sample all weekend.” said Black.

Plenty of artwork will be on display and for sale, and for the kids at heart, you’ll love the Lost Playground.

“A lot of us might have lost our childhood, and there’s nothing like play to bring that right back.” said Strawn.

The festival runs Friday Oct. 20 through Sunday Oct. 22.

Tickets are available for purchase at