The Scottsdale Police Department is warning Valley residents to watch out for “jugging”.

The burglary trend comes from Houston, where gang members will reportedly stake out banks and ATMs and follow people who leave with bags or envelopes.

Suspects then follow victims to another location and break into their car while the victim is away, police say.

Two people were arrested June 28 in connection to seven incidents that resulted in the theft of a total of $10,000.

Nathaniel Ray House Jr., 25, a documented gang member from Houston, has been tied to all seven incidents.

Qu Nesha Lache Ward, 23, will be charged with one count of burglary from a vehicle.

Police first identified Ward and House as suspects in a vehicle burglary that occurred on May 18 at a Scottsdale Albertson’s. The victim had made a cash withdrawal just before going to the store.

How to avoid being a “jugging” victim:

• Don’t carry large amounts of cash and other valuables where they can be seen in public

• Be aware of your surroundings

• Don’t leave cash or valuables in plain sight in your vehicle

• If you see something suspicious, call the police