GLENDALE, Ariz. - It's game day for the Cardinals, and the first day of Michael Brady's new life.

"Everything is opening new doors, and when a new door opens, you never know what you're going to run into," Brady says.

A freak non-combat accident in 1982 left Brady in a wheelchair permanently.

"We collided. He got up and I didn't," Brady said.

The army veteran still has his mind, but he can't do many of the things he wants to do in retirement. Brady loves hunting, fishing and many other outdoor activities.

"They don't make enough chairs to get you where you need to go," he said.

Then donations allowed Tire Pros to outfit Brady with a state-of-the-art all-terrain wheelchair

"This is the very least we could do," Quick Chadwick with Tirepros said to Brady shortly after the presentation outside University of Phoenix Stadium.

"The action track chair that will enable him the ability to do things like fishing," Chadwick said.

The surprise wasn't over there. The Arizona Cardinals shooting a video of the presentation and playing it in the stadium during their game with the Seattle Seahawks later that evening.

"I'm speechless, I never dreamed of it," Brady said after learning of the surprise.

To make a donation which can help other veterans receive similar wheelchairs, visit