SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – It was a close call for a community near Scottsdale just before noon Saturday when a fire burned just steps away from homes.

People living there said it was a lesson learned about the importance of keeping a defensible space around structures.

We spoke with a family who just moved there two weeks ago. Brian and Lauren Trollope said when they saw the plume of smoke, their son went to check it out while mom called 911.

They joked it was a great way to meet the neighbors, as everyone came together to put out the fire.

“Just rallying together, we were connecting people’s hoses together so we could get it all the way out to the desert,” Brian Trollope said.

“Our 17-year-old was out with that hose setting out smoldering bushes and fire before even the crews got here, but I will say that the crews did amazing job,” said Lauren Trollope.

Several fire agencies were on scene, stopping this fire at two acres.

The public information officer for the Rural Metro Fire Department said the cause was an explosion from a tank while a welder was working on a wrought iron fence. He was treated for smoke inhalation and dehydration, but luckily, there were no serious injuries.

Rural Metro Fire Dept. has a service for people in its call area. Once a year, they can schedule a fire safety inspection, where they make sure homeowners have at least a 30-foot buffer around their homes, and they’ll also walk through a house to make sure it’s fire safe.