Being a tow truck driver is dangerous work.

On average, 60 tow truck operators are killed each year on the job across the U.S.

"People aren't paying attention. They swerve, they don't look at lights, or they don't move over and get out of the way. It costs a lot of lives," said Angela Barnett, executive director of Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association.

Barnett is working to change that by educating everyone on the "Move Over" law. Saturday morning, more than one hundred tow trucks made their way from Tempe to Tolleson in a parade of flashing lights.

The law requires every driver to move over a lane and slow down while passing pulled over vehicles with flashing lights.

That applies to any car. It can be a police vehicle, or tow truck pulled over on a side street or a passenger car pulled over on the side of the freeway with flashing lights.

"If you've got everyone driving by at 70 or 75 miles per hour on the interstate, and people are usually driving 80, that's your life out there," Barnett said.

Her message is simple: "Just please move over, slow down and help us save our lives," Barnett said.