CHANDLER, Ariz. - A seventh-grade student was found to have an unloaded gun in his backpack at SanTan Junior High, one mother wonders why she wasn't initially told the entire story.

An email sent home to parents at 3:50 p.m. that day admits a student "brought an unloaded gun to campus," that "no threat was made" and that "students are safe."

Chandler police arrested the 13-year-old and tell 12 News they also found ammunition in the same backpack where the gun was initially found. That piece of information was not a part of the initial email sent out to parents.

"I'm very upset about the omission," Talitha Gilmore, who has a child at San Tan Junior High, said.

Gilmore feels like the ammunition is an important piece of information to tell parents since it poses a threat to safety.

"It makes me and other parents wonder what else the school is not telling us," Gilmore said to the CUSD school board during the public comments portion of a scheduled school board meeting.

The day after the incident, SanTan Junior High principal Barbara Kowalinski sent a follow up email home to parents telling them that ammunition was also found in the backpack. Gilmore was happy to receive the email, but wants to know why that fact wasn't stated the day before.

"I am demanding apology from the principal and all board members stating that you all made an error by omitting that information," Gilmore said.