BUCKEYE, Ariz. - Several frustrated and angry community members spoke out against the city of Buckeye and their high water bills that, for some, are in excess of $1,000.

"Because I can’t prove that I don’t have a leak, which -- I don’t know how you can prove something that doesn’t exist -- I still have to pay the water bill," said one woman.

The impromptu meeting happened at a community park where many showed up with a water bill in hand and talked about their attempts to work with the city to figure out why their bills and consumption are so high.

One resident shared her bill was over $1,000 and she did not have the money to pay it and was told her water would be shut off. She said she resorted to paying the bill with a credit card.

"It’s just affected us -- everything. It’s not going to be a very happy Christmas for us," she said.

Another woman said her monthly bill of over $500 has forced her family to resort to support services to be able to have food on the table.

"My husband actually found a food bank that we go to every week," she said. "It’s so embarrassing at the same time."

The complaints are the latest in a slew sent to 12 News after Tuesday evening report chronicling one man's struggles.

"I know that the water department is looking into every direction in every bit of this," said councilman Craig Heustis. "From one way or another, is it a bad meter? I don't believe so, but could it be a bad meter? Are there water leaks?"

WATCH: Councilmember responds to water bill issues

Heustis pointed out that possible leaks could be happening from pipes that are a foot below ground and are difficult to detect.

He said he spoke with Mayor Jackie Meck and officials are working to figure out what the issues are regarding the high water bills.

"It's a sensitive issue right now, I don't like it," Heustis said. "I don't like it one bit, on the other hand I don't have an answer for your right now. I wish I could."

There is another community meeting scheduled for Sunday evening at 2 p.m. at the Buckeye Aquatic Center.