MESA, Ariz. - Four Mesa police officers are being called heroes after going into a burning apartment building in Mesa to save people inside.

The officers are recovering early Friday morning after breathing in a lot of smoke from the blaze.

12 News viewer, Marvin Tapia, caught a heroic save on camera. 12 News cannot initially confirm that the person being rescued is the same person who was being treated after the blaze broke out in the apartment. But we do know four officers rescued one woman from the inferno.

Flames broke out Thursday night, engulfing the second story apartment. Police were first on scene and did not waste any time jumping into action to help neighbors who live there. Firefighters also arrived quickly to douse the blaze.

Mesa Fire Department's Forrest Smith says the officers made a brave rescue.

"The officers, absolutely, they were heroes in getting here," Smith said. "They're normally the ones who get here first on scene in these incidents. Once they were there, they know that the number one concern and priority we have are evacuations and making sure people are safe."

It was a team effort between Mesa police and fire, to save lives. Eight people in total were treated for smoke inhalation.