MESA, Ariz. - Police released the body camera footage Wednesday from an arson fire that injured eight officers last week.

A woman was arrested for allegedly starting the apartment fire last Thursday.

According to police, witnesses reported hearing a door slam and the woman screaming inside her apartment,
before hearing glass break and fire inside the apartment.

The witnesses told police people tried to help her climb out a window, but she was screaming to let her die. A witness also reported seeing a trashcan in the middle of the woman's living room.

According to police, the 911 call made by the woman has her saying the apartment is on fire and she wants to kill herself.

The officers said seeing their own body cam footage showed them things they didn't remember.

“It just gives you a different perspective," said officer Mike Mullen. "Even though you go through it, there’s things you don’t remember, and you go through and think I can’t believe that actually happened.”

Police said several responding officers went into the apartment on a tip a baby may be inside. They did not find a baby.

12 News viewer Marvin Tapia caught the officers' efforts on camera. Three officers were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation while five had to be taken to a hospital.

Police said the fire damaged at least four apartments and displaced at least 10 families.

Police arrested the woman for one count of arson and eight counts of endangerment for the officers who were injured.

The investigation is ongoing.