MESA, Ariz. - Officer shot a man wielding a stick as a weapon in Mesa Wednesday afternoon.

Police said no officers were injured in the shooting near 82nd Street and University Drive. They served a resident with an order of protection related to domestic violence, according to Mesa PD spokesperson Steve Berry.

The officers asked the man to leave the property, which he did, but he then went back onto the property shortly thereafter, Berry said, adding that he was agitated.

In a shed on the property, the man retrieved "some sort of large stick or board," Berry said, and he aggressively approached officers with it.

Officers were armed with a stun gun, but Berry said it was not effective in stopping the suspect. Officers shot him with a gun.

Mesa FD medical personnel came to treat the man and he is recovering in a hospital. Berry did not say what the man's condition was.

Berry said the officers also had a bean bag gun, but could not get a clear shot with that non-lethal weapon.

Police are still investigating the shooting.