DENVER - A Mesa woman and her husband found themselves at an alarming scene as the made their way to a Denver Walmart.

“It was unbelievable. I have never ever seen anything like it,” said Phyllis Smolens.

Smolens and her husband, Greg Smolens, on a business trip in Denver, made a stop before making their way to the Walmart they had planned to go to.

“I decided to pass the Walmart to check into the hotel first. If we didn’t, we would have been in that Walmart,” Greg Smolens said.

They are OK, but were distraught by so much commotion and police.

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“As we were leaving there were still more ambulances and more police cars coming from different cities,” Phyllis Smolens said.

She recorded video of the deadly shooting scene and spoke to a woman whose brother was trapped inside. He was reportedly hiding in a Rubbermaid box where the store's Christmas stuff was.

Police confirm at least three people were killed and multiple people were injured. The lone gunman was identified as 47-year-old Scott Ostrem and arrested.