It’s hard to find something 14-year-old Jenna isn’t willing to give a try.

“Jenna is a very adventurous person,” said Ashleigh Pierce, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruiter with Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK). “She always loves to try new things. She is always trying out for new sports at school, so she’s done basketball and volleyball and soccer.”

Jenna tried out for the volleyball team this fall, but didn’t make the team.

“It doesn’t bother her,” Pierce said. “She just moves onto the next thing.”

The next thing includes politics, of a sort. Jenna is now treasurer of her student council.

The eighth-grader was recently matched with a mentor and the two enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and bird watching.

Jenna, of course, is hoping for a forever family.

“I really want a mom and dad,” Jenna said. “I really want an older sister who can take me shopping and do my makeup.”

Jenna would also do well in a family headed by a single mother, Pierce said.

Jenna loves school and hates to miss a day.

“I like science because we do a lot of experiments and I like social studies because we go on field trips,” she said.

Jenna said that when she grows up she sees herself working with babies in a hospital or with animals as a veterinarian.

“I like to hold little infants and animals,” she explained.

Such a career path suits Jenna’s kind and caring nature, said Pierce.

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