PHOENIX - As storms ripped across Lake Pleasant last week, Valley heroes rushed to rescue people who were stuck in the water. MCSO just released video of deputies caught in the center of it all.

They braved rough conditions to rescue jet skiers, paddle boarders and others stranded by Friday’s storm. In a matter of minutes, the calm waters of Lake Pleasant turned into a choppy mess.

As fast as the storm hit, MCSO deputies rushed in putting their lives on the line as rescuers. Incredible body cam video showed deputies racing through the wind and waves, searching.

Like finding a needle in a haystack, they scan the water for people dangerously stuck in the storm. They miraculously found what they were looking for. Swimmers were stranded in the waves but still alive.

During one part of the video, a deputy threw a flotation device, and pulled swimmers onto the boat in the middle of the rough water.

MCSO says at least five people were rescued during the height of Friday’s storms. Tuesday, Lake Pleasant’s Marina is still a mess. It's an unnerving reminder of the monsoon storm aftermath.

Sky 12 footage from Monday captured the destruction.

MCSO says several people were treated for minor injuries. One person was taken to the hospital because they nearly drowned, but there were no major injuries or deaths reported.