After 15 of working together, the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University announced plans to unite forces to create an innovative alliance in the health care field.

Both entities have been recognized as number one in their areas. The U.S News and World Report recently named ASU as the Most Innovative University nationwide. Mayo Clinic also ranked number one on the U.S News and World Report’s 2016 Honor Roll of America’s Best Hospital.

The purposes behind uniting forces: improving patient care, accelerating cutting edge discoveries and transforming medical education, according to a press release.

“We are combining our strengths and forming a comprehensive hub for innovation in health sciences, medical education and health care delivery that is informed by real-world experience,” ASU President Michael Crow, Ph.D., said in a release.

“This formal agreement paves the way for Mayo Clinic and ASU to strategically focus and deepen our mutual engagement across a full range of activities related to our relentless focus on innovation to create the future of health care,” said Wyatt Decker, M.D., vice president and CEO, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, in a press release.

In addition to the current contributions of the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine that ASU already offers, students will have the opportunity to pursue their master’s degrees with the new programs. The goal is to develop the best physicians at a national level to impact and improve our current health systems.

The groundbreaking for the 150,000-square-foot building next to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix is expected to start in 2017.