With a proposition to legalize recreational marijuana on the Arizona ballot this November, some parents and community members are concerned about what that means for children here.

Some are worried that THC candies and edibles may be too attractive for children.

9 News in Denver reported that more children have been treated for marijuana poisoning in Colorado since the state legalized the drug for recreational use.

THC comes in many forms including brownies, cookies, sour gummies, and even lotions.

Due to the concerns of parents and authorities, Colorado recently passed a law that requires marijuana edibles and other products to be stamped with a universal THC symbol.

This also includes the barring of the words "candy" or "candies" from the products.

Infused truffles with new THC stamp. 

Growers and sellers have also taken precautions when it comes to packaging their THC products.

“Everything in our dispensary has to leave in a child resistant, child proof [bag]. If it’s not child proof, their packaging, we have these exit bags that we throw all of our flower into, anything else that’s not child resistant,” said Trey Fisher, marketing director of Denver's Medicine Man dispensary.

Marijuana experts stress that parents also need to take initiative when it comes to keeping the products away from children.

“You’re not going to leave your prescription medicine out for your children to get into, so it comes down to responsibility. Obviously there’s concerns, but as long as you’re responsible with your products you shouldn’t have a problem with it,” Fisher added.