Saturday morning, loved ones gathered to say goodbye to four Maricopa children killed in a house fire just before the holidays.

Veronica Masterson's four children had moved to Illinois to be closer to their father when a fire tore through the house, killing all four children, their father and his wife.

Veronica and her husband Corey were just coming to terms with the death of their baby boy Aaron, who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome three years ago, when news of the fire came from Illinois.

"It's just still, to this moment, so surreal. It's almost like you're in a dream," said Corey.

Ethen, 17, was the oldest. Veronica says she was proudest of how kind he was.

"I always told my kids and it stuck, because he ended up giving the same advice to his younger siblings, that even when people are being mean to you, just turn around and say, 'you have a nice shirt, or I like your shoes.'"

Leanne, 15, marched to the beat of her own drum.

"She was so awkward and a weirdo, but she embraced it like no tomorrow," said Veronica.

Hailey, 12, was feisty and could argue her way through anything, while Dylan, friends say was so sweet, he was hard to say no to.

"He would melt your heart," said Keila Jones, a close family friend.