PHOENIX - A brazen robbery with a machete and two other robbery suspects appear to be "cheezing" it up for the camera while running off with stolen goods in Phoenix. These are just two cases Silent Witness can use your help solving.

The first robbery suspect looks like he's trying to hide under a bandana and jacket, but the surveillance video shows him carrying a machete under his arm.

Sgt. Jamie Rothschild, says they've seen other weapons like tools and knives, even guns used in cases like this, but a machete is rare.

So, investigators are on the hunt right now. They say the man threatened a Circle K clerk at 31st Avenue and Indian School Road with the machete and then ran off with cash.

Authorities say he had a mustache, goatee and glasses.

“We don’t know if he planned this out ahead of time and he found the machete on the way, but we know it’s June in Arizona and he’s got a lot of clothes on, so this is probably something he thought about before he did it,” Sgt. Rothschild said.

Detectives are also investigating a second Circle K robbery that happened near Thomas and 32nd Street.

“When these guys come in and one of them jumps over the counter, goes into the employee area, takes the cigarettes and alcohol, they knew what they were doing and that raises the seriousness of the crime,” Sgt. Rothschild said.

Authorities are looking for two men who appear to be smiling for the camera, all while authorities say they ran off with stolen alcohol and cigarettes.

“So it’s hard to understand when we see these videos, how people didn’t realize they were going to be taped and now that we have this tape we need the public to help us solve it," he said.

If you know anything, contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.