PHOENIX - Sheriff Joe Arpaio may be out of office, but he's not out of sight for Phoenix-area commuters.

According to a post on the former Maricopa County sheriff's Facebook page, a citizen took out a billboard ad along a Phoenix freeway to thank Arpaio for his time in office.

"Thank you Sheriff Joe for your 24 years of dedicated service to Arizona," the sign read. "We need YOU in Washington."

Arpaio thanked private citizen Scottt Olsen for the billboard in his post.

The former sheriff, who is now 84 years old, has said he plans to continue working in some fashion, but he has not been specific about what his plan may be.

Some speculated that he could find his way into the Trump administration, overseeing a portion of border operations or immigration, but that has not materialized.

Arpaio is still facing criminal contempt charges in a racial profiling case stemming from Arizona Senate Bill 1070, but his friendly relationship with Trump could help him escape that case with a pardon, or a dismissal by the attorney general.