SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Salt River police are searching for a man who escaped police custody at a hospital Friday.

According to police, Rodolfo Avalos, 27, is facing numerous felony charges from an incident that occurred earlier Friday.

Avalos was taken to a hospital for unknown reasons and an officer who was watching him inside the emergency room stepped out briefly while he was handcuffed to the bed.

Avalos freed himself from the handcuffs and pushed past the hospital security guard in his room.

Avalos left the hospital and, police say, he carjacked a woman at the intersection of Osborn Road and Drinkwater Boulevard.

The vehicle he took is a silver Lexus SUV.

Avalos is still on the loose and the investigation is ongoing.

According to Department of Corrections records, he had served time in Arizona prisons for auto theft previously and was released June 30.