MESA, Ariz. - Elijah, 11, had no idea what would happen Thursday morning inside his classroom.

An assembly called by the staff of Burke Basic School was for him.

When he and his peers went outside they saw Darth Vader, who is Elijah's favorite movie character.

He then received a Disney cruise that his family will take in February and five movie passes to see "Rogue One" when it hits theaters.

"When he was two," said Reanna Sotelo, his mother, "he had muscle weakness. The doctor said it was growing pains. Years later his teacher noticed something wrong. He was falling out of his chair and tripping. We had him tested and found out the he has muscular dystrophy."

The family will go on the cruise in February. His mom said before he will be permanently in a wheelchair.

What demonstrates his upbeat spirit and genuine nature is what he originally asked for from Make-A-Wish: He wanted to get his mom a brand new dishwasher.