MESA, Ariz. - The Grand Prix of Scottsdale is held every year at the waterfront district. It is a free event to attend, but to race- well that's a different story.

First off, you need one of the 1920-inspired Karts. That's where Vintage Kart Company comes in.

"The race came before the cars, and then it was a question of creating the cars, and what kind of car to use," said Ron Kotloff, one of the six founders of Vintage Kart Co. in Mesa, Arizona.

As the story goes, Kotloff and a couple of buddies went out to the race and saw the karts being used. They thought they should make them, and so they found some of the builders who were making the karts in their garage. Kotloff and his friends got the specs and Vintage Kart Co. was born.

"To understand the car you have to see them live, you have to sit in one, drive one, understand what a vintage racer is. They’re scaled down," said founder Bret Rowe. "Until you see them, you don’t understand their beauty and how they work and how well put together they actually are"

At the annual Grand Prix of Scottsdale, amateur and professional drivers get behind the wheels of these 6 HP 200cc Honda engine-powered karts and the fun takes over.

"It's a race where you and your friends can all come together, build a kart, race it and if you win, you get the trophy along with a year-long worth of bragging rights that comes with that," Kotloff said.

The race is scheduled for Nov. 5th this year at 10:30 a.m. There, you can see, touch and maybe even get in one of these karts. You might even be inspired to participate or work on your own vintage grand prix racer.