Personnel at Luke Air Force Base left the base for the day to lend a helping hand around the Valley for a day of service.

About 30 volunteers spent their day at the Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix repainting, building new furniture and teaching kids how to create paper jets.

"It lets the people of Arizona know that we appreciate everything they do for us," said Tech Sgt. Daniel Sawn.

But for a few of the volunteers, the project hit close to home.

"On a personal level it means a lot to me because my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at nine months old. We were actually in the Ronald McDonald House," said Sawn.

Antonio Bell, who works with the Air Crew Flight Equipment team, also stayed at the Ronald McDonald House when his son was born two months premature.

"I just can't say enough good things about them," said Bell. "They are there for people when people don't think that people actually care."

The project is part of Luke Air Force Base's day of service which involves 3,000 volunteers for over 100 projects around Phoenix.

"It just is a good feeling to know that people do care about other people. I think we just lose focus on that just being in our own little bubble," said Bell.