Valentine's Day may be the biggest flower day of the year, but Mother's Day is the busiest week for some florists.

"This is kind of our Super Bowl of flower holidays," said Eric Luomo, owner of Cactus Flower.

Luomo estimates between Cactus Flower's five Valley locations, they make about 3,500-4,000 deliveries.

So what's the biggest seller?

The classics, roses and lilies are the most popular, but leave the red for Valentine's day, Luoma said pink is the color of Mother's Day. White is a close second.

Carnations have also made a recent come back.

"They are the flower that people have forgotten. There's a little bit of a renaissance for carnations," he said.

That's because flower breeders have come up with countless variations of the flower, and perhaps most interestingly, they have also bred the flowers to have intriguing scents like peppermint and chocolate.

"Really beautiful. and we're seeing them more in special events, weddings, even couture magazines," said Luoma.