PHOENIX - Ahead of Trump's visit to Arizona, U.S. Representative Ann Kirkpatrick and female legislators are denouncing the presidential candidate and what they call his long history of disrespecting women.

The Arizona democratic leaders stood together, calling on Arizona women to come together and vote for Hillary Clinton, they say for fear of what could happen if Donald trump is elected.

“Donald Trump’s values don’t represent who Arizona is," Kirkpatrick said.

Not a supporter of Arizona or women, Kirkpatrick says of Donald Trump, as she pleads with mothers, grandmothers and daughters to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I honestly cannot believe in this day and age that he’s saying such hateful, despicable things about women,” Kirkpatrick said.

At the Arizona Democratic Headquarters, Senate Democratic leader Katie Hobbs, State Representative Rebecca Rios and Tolleson Mayor Elect Anna Tovar backed Kirkpatrick.

“I don’t know if he thinks this is a joke or if he really wants us to be back in an episode of Mad Men but we should not be sending a man who thinks this way about women to the White House," Hobbs said.

These Arizona leaders also attacked Trump's policies.

“He believes that women should be punished for having an abortion and he has vowed to nominate supreme court judges who support Roe V. Wade," said Rios.

They all agree, Hillary is a better fit for the job.

Kirkpatrick is in the middle of a high-profile race against U.S. Senator John McCain, hoping to take his seat in November.