PHOENIX – The day of action turned into tense moments for some demonstrators, including a public DACA recipient from the Valley who received backlash earlier this year for posting her income taxes.

A representative from United States Capitol Police said Belen Sisa was arrested for crowding, obstructing and incommoding along with 14 other demonstrators.

There were hundreds of demonstrators outside the Capitol to encourage Congress to pass a clean Dream Act.

By “clean,” they mean they want a permanent solution, not a simple extension of protection under DACA or something similar.

Another protestor told 12 News many of the demonstrators entered the Capitol building through the required security procedures.

They started chanting inside, and while it is a public building, it is against the law in Washington to use a public building in such a way, according to U.S. Capitol Police.

That’s when the arrests happened, but Sisa was soon released.

“[I was] fighting for a clean Dream Act, because I want the thousands and thousands of undocumented youth, who feel that they are voiceless, to be heard,” she said. “I am doing this for the families who have DACA recipients in their families and don't know what's happening to them March 5.”

March 5 is a reference to President Donald Trump's deadline for protection for anyone who is a DACA recipient.