PHOENIX - Every year there are dozens of heat-related car deaths in the U.S. Arizona ranks high on the list because of the extreme heat much of the year.

Already in 2017, nine children have died across the country. Now, a bill is being introduced to prevent anymore tragedies.

Wednesday on Capitol Hill, advocates for children’s safety and legislators announced they’re coming together for the Hot Cars Act of 2017.

If passed, it would require this life-saving technology in vehicles. The technology is already out there. General motors offers a “rear seat reminder” in many 2017 models.

The act would mandate the Secretary of Transportation to issue a ruling so that all new vehicles have these alert systems.

In addition to the possibility of requiring new technology in vehicles, there are also apps and safety devices to help anyone who takes care of children. One example is the Kars 4 Kids safety app. It alerts drivers to remember there is a baby in the back seat. For more information click here.