PHOENIX - As the temperatures rise outside – so do the ones inside your car.

As the Valley gets closer and closer to those triple digits, it should be a sign that residents need to triple check the back seat for young children and pets.

According to, an average of 37 children every year die in hot cars.

Once the lock button is hit, more often than not, kids and pets are trapped. Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside a car can rise fast in the Phoenix heat – in mere minutes, as previously demonstrated by Phoenix firefighters.

And although it may not feel hot for you, it can get even worse for kids.

According to the National Safety Council, a child's body temperature increases three to five times faster than an adult. The body's ability to cool itself is typically overwhelmed at 104 degrees -- death can occur at 107.

Here are three simple tips to remind you to “look before you lock”:

• Put something you'll need like your cell phone, handbag, employee ID or brief case, etc., on the floor board in the back seat.

• Get in the habit of always opening the back door of your vehicle every time you reach your destination to make sure no child has been left behind. This will soon become a habit. We call this the "Look Before You Lock" campaign.

• Keep a large stuffed animal in the child's car seat when it's not occupied. When the child is placed in the seat, put the stuffed animal in the front passenger seat. It's a visual reminder that anytime the stuffed animal is up front you know the child is in the back seat in a child safety seat.

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