SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Every year, the tents go up at the WestWorld grounds in Scottsdale. Through those tents pass some of the most desired vehicles in the world.

"Hopefully the snow lets people travel to Arizona this week. Weather is cooperating with us for a change," says Craig Jackson, CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. "This year we are all about charity, with cars from superstars like Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and famous Ferrari mentioned in a few news reports from Justin Bieber. He'll be here on the 21st to auction that off."

The event starts this Saturday and will go on thru Jan. 22, in what is expected a bigger show than it was last year.

"We sell cars to young, old, male and female. Our highest bid last year came from a millenial," Jackson said. "And we had a woman buy a collection of vehicles, so this event has become more than a guys' event. We have a place here for everyone."

The auction prepares for the masses with food, drinks, shops and yes, many, many cars at all kinds of price levels, so whether you are there to buy or sell, window shopping is also completely allowed.

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